Thursday, December 3, 2009

Come chat w/Diamond Taylor and Angeleque Ford Dec 4th

Ten Great Things about December 4th….

1. I’ll be chatting with Angeleque Ford in the Cobblestone Press Chatroom

2. There will be giveaways.

3. We’ll be discussing books, writing and our upcoming/future projects.

4. Want to know more about Second Chances? This is the perfect time to ask the questions you want answers too.

5. Want to know more about Total Package by Diamond Taylor? Stop by for an excerpt and to ask questions.

6. Find out what’s next for the Ramos Brothers’. (Bonus – Second Chances Book Trailer)

7. Find out what Sebastian and Elaina have been up to and what’s coming next for them.

8. Find out what Diamond is working on now? And will Charles get a story?

9. Sneak Peak Excerpt – Total Package -

Could the afternoon get any more frustrating?
James Carrington threw back the last of his beer in one quick swallow, grateful the work day had ended. One of his top clients had threatened to take her business elsewhere because he had advised her against changing her stock options yet again. Never mind it was the third time she had changed them this month. And if that didn’t beat all, he’d had a flat tire and had to catch a cab.
“Ready for another?”
James looked up from his empty beer and nodded at the bartender. She handed him another brew and smiled, but with his mind preoccupied he didn’t return the friendly gesture. Despite her beauty, his thoughts stayed on Rachael.
“You waiting on someone?” she asked.
“Yeah.” Waiting on Charles’ late ass. Again. Would that brother ever show up on time? “Thanks.”
James sucked down a third of the new draft, wishing it was Rachael’s pussy he sucked on instead.

10. Sneak Peak Excerpt – Second Chances by Angeleque Ford -

Turn around, get in your car and go before anyone sees you.
Those were the first thoughts in Elaina Matthews’ mind as she approached the back gate.
She didn’t want to intrude, and knowing her presence may cause conflict, Elaina opted to follow her instincts and leave. She was heading back towards her car when she felt a hand on her arm, stopping her mid-stride.
“Running away?” the deep, molasses-thick voice inquired.
Elaina took a step back instinctively and whirled around. Her smile was immediate as she met the dark chocolate orbs of Sebastian Ramos as he stared back at her.
“No, avoiding a bad situation.” She hugged her friend, wanting to stay wrapped in his warm embrace, but given the situation and history, it would be considered inappropriate.
He frowned. “What’s wrong? I’m sure no one blames you for Nick’s death.”
Elaina couldn’t stop the harsh laugh that escaped. “It depends on who you ask.”

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