Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sold to Cobblestone Press!

I've been holding it in long enough. I subbed my story "Total Package" to and they accepted it! They like me. They really really like me! Okay that's a bad Sally Field impersonation but I'm a writer not an actor, dammit.LOL

"Total Package" is an 16k erotic contemporary romance. I'm super excited about it and a tad overwhelmed. Any published authors who stop by please leave advice on promo, writing life and how to handle the anxiety!

I'll be posting promo events, excerpts,blurbs, cover and more real soon!!!


  1. Here's what I wished I had done.

    1. Make a game plan on how you are going to promo.

    2. Look at your finances and see how much you afford to spend on promotional items.

    3. Find out the review sites you publisher automatically sends your books to. Then make a list of the ones not on their and focus on them.

    4. Once you've done this LET IT GO. Promotion is a full-time job, but that's not why you started to write. The best way to get your name out there is to write the next book.

  2. This is awesome advice! One writer told me the best promotional you can ever do is write another story.