Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Other Addiction

Writing has always been an addition of mine. Every time I think I'll quit my muse whispers in my ear, "Come back. There's work to do." When I don't listen to it it screams, "ASS IN SEAT AND WRITE!" And once again I'm a willing slave to the craft. I love the idea of creating characters and settings taking readers places they never thought possible. I've recently listened to those voices and started working on my first erotic paranormal short story! I'm super excited and it's almost done. To treat my self I've decided to talk about my other addiction: coffee.

Dark roast,mocha, cappuccino,latte, espressos,I love them all! Except for decaf of course. I think decaf is Satan answer to a perfectly good drink. The new hip craze in coffee is the single serve coffee makers. Currently, I have a Tassimo coffee maker but now it's time to upgrade it. I can't decide whether to get the newer Tassimo machine, Nescafe Dolce Gusto,Keurig,or the Flavia maker.

Tassimo-Despite what I've been reading about it, it's been reliable going two yrs strong and I'm use to the taste.

Keurig-I like the different varieties and its simple to use. Plus I've heard great things about it.

Dolce Gusto- I like the versatility of this maker and it makes ice coffee and I'm hearing good things about it. Plus it's super cute. (I'm such a girl)

Flavia-I figured anything by Mars must be good. I like that it's versatile like the DG and it too makes ice coffee. The only drawback is not a lot of favorable reviews by owners.

Do you own any of these machines? What's your thoughts? Any I should give consideration to not mentioned?

Okay enough procrastinating and back to writing.

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